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image 1 Jord den Hollander, architect

The very light, ephemeral-looking bridge has what is known as a tensegrity structure. The design reveals the tension and compression of the structure in its web-like form. An aluminum deck shaped like an aircraft wing is suspended between two rows of steel stakes. The palisade-like stakes frame the view for people crossing the bridge, in a way reminiscent of the lines of poplar trees that traditionally run alongside Dutch country roads.

image 1

Project name: Stokkenbridge
City: Purmerend
Year: 2001
Architects: Jord den Hollander
Architects' practice: Jord den Hollander, architect
E-mail address: jord.@worldonline.nl
Client: Municipality of Purmerend
Constructor: Jord den Hollander
Floor area: span 130 m, width 3,5 m
Building costs: 700000
Further specifications:

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