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Vorige project

image 1 Zwarts & Jansma architects

The highway will pass under the lock, a configuration which does not exist elsewhere and which has been dubbed a ‘naviduct’. There will be two lock chambers, each 120 metres long and 12 metres wide. They will operate independently and are suitable for both professional and leisure vessels. Zwarts & Jansma have been involved in the project from the beginning and have been able to deal with a wide range of design issues. We conducted a study of the detailing of the side walls, which are highly visible from the road, and made proposals for embankments, road surfacing, railings etc.

image 1 We were commissioned to design/build the control building. Its location is dictated by lines of sight. Programmatically, the obvious choice was to design a separate, two-storey substructure and a superstructure which houses the actual control room. The substructure is partly buries in the embankment, a typically Dutch feature, and projects a heavy, stone-built image. The superstructure has a contrasting form and finish; it is graceful and clad in bright steel. The control room superstructure has a crucial function in relation to the lock complex but is relatively small in size. Its distinctive appearance will make it recognizable from a considerable distance.

Project name: Naviduct
City: Enkhuizen
Year: 1995-2002
Architects: Moshé Zwarts, Rein Jansma
Architects' practice: Zwarts & Jansma architects
Website: www.zwarts.jansma.nl
E-mail address: post@zwarts.jansma.nl
Client: Bouwdienst Rijkswaterstaat
Constructor: Moshé Zwarts, Rein Jansma
Floor area: 440 m2
Building costs: 80000000
Further specifications:

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